LED stripe – Code – Patterns.h

 * Patterns.h
 * Created: 23-02-17 21:44:10
 *  Author: raspi.th.in@gmail.com

#ifndef PATTERNS_H_
#define PATTERNS_H_

enum effect
	BLANK,//,color,  put all the diodes at the same color
	WALK,//(start_POS,Stop_POS,start_color,end_color,speed,startcolor2,end_color2,speed)  change color two by two from start diode to end diode at given speed
	GRADIENT,//(start_pos, stop_pos, speed, start_color, stop_color, speed) set a gradient going from color start to color end at given speed
	GRADIENT2,//(start_pos, stop_pos, speed, start_color1, stop_color1, speed, start_color2, stop_color2, speed)set a gradient but color one is for every second diode and color two for the other, also going to color start to color end
	WAIT,//wait for a while (unit is 100ms)
	REPEAT,//Repeat following block 
void Perform_sequence(int *sequ);

#endif /* PATTERNS.H_H_ */